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I’m proud to be the Director and Founder of StepChange, a Boutique Learning and Development Company focused on building capability and confidence of leaders, leading self and leading teams.

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We proudly support the Breast Cancer Foundation by donating 2% of our annual revenue to the Foundation.

WHY?  Our purpose lies in strengthening Leadership capability and confidence both personally and professionally.   Over the years, StepChange has partnered with a huge array of companies to co-build bespoke leadership capability programmes.

About us

WHAT WE DO ....We step in to help align leaders and culture, design bespoke awesome leadership programmes, for emerging and existing leaders...  and drive change that empowers success.


WHAT CLIENTS SAY ....  "We receive high levels of value, confidence that the job will be done. Very relieved to have the experts helping us.   We give the right solutions to performance challenges - result: sorted!  Business goals met"

Corporate Clients and Testimonials

Want to know your leadership strengths?

Score yourself against the 8 Essential Leadership Traits

It’s vital that leaders stay relevant and ahead-of-the-game in this ever-changing world.   To do this, it requires self-assessment and having the openness to explore new insights and ideas.

Score yourself against the 8 Essential Leadership Traits in this quiz to find out what your leaderships strengths are.   Click below


Leadership Styles, Emotional Intelligence, Team Profiling Tools

We are fully accredited and work with the following business partners

Whether your leaders are ready to  build leadership bench strength, define their leader style, strengthen their conscious leadership intelligence, understand their emotional fitness or develop a growth mindset, your leaders will benefit from our programmes.

  1. Conscious Leadership Intelligence.  Creating heightened self awareness - EQ, IQ, Leadership & Communication Style
  2. Leading Self Skills - Organisational, Communication, Influencing, Building Trust and effective relationships
  3. Leading Team Skills - Coaching, Feedback, Delegation and all skills related to leading team.
  4. Digital Savvy - Understanding the impact of AI and Digital resources/tools [leading in a new world.
  5. Leading Business - Business Savvy Acumen. Financial, strategic, planning, resourcing marketing.

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