About our company - StepChange Leadership Development
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Eloise Tzimas:  Founder and Creator of StepChange Learning and Development Solutions

Eloise’s mission is to inspire and enable companies to grow their performance, revenue and capability of their teams.

Eloise has worked with prominent companies such as Fletcher Building, Humes Pipelines, Vodafone NZ, Canon NZ Ltd, API Consumer Brands, Flooring Xtra Franchise Group Australasia, SiteSafe NZ Ltd, GreenCross Healthcare, AA Finance, Steel & Tube Group NZ,  AA Insurance  (just to name a few). Her skills and expertise have empowered a huge array of teams, helping them to thrive and flourish in their industries, through leveraging exceptional leadership skills of teams and sales leadership.  Eloise’s services are rooted in helping people and delivering personalised consultancy.

Accredited in:  MBTI - EXTENDED DISC - EVERYTHING DISC - TMS Leadership Profiling  Tools / Certified Coach to Leaders as Coaches U (USA) - Coaching Certification to coach leaders

Mob: 64 27 600 6940:  E: [email protected]


Fleur Barden: Business and Client Relationship Manager

Fleur is an invaluable and highly knowledgeable team member, whom we couldn’t be without.

Fleur’s extensive knowledge and skills have been acquired in the roles of Project Lead and Marketing Associate, throughout her career. She has also been the key executive assistant to Senior Leaders and CEOs of Heartland Bank and AMP and has a wealth of experience in Operations and Marketing at Hewlett Packard. 

Fleur’s expertise in commercial business and the importance of delivering exceptional customer experience is second-to-none. She is a dedicated, motivated and passionate asset to the StepChange team and is the go-to person for all things client and support.

Mob:  64 - 021 176-0577  E: [email protected]

Here are some of StepChange's most memorable and rewarding client wins:

National Retail Sales Network:  

  • We delivered an Fast Start Programme for front-line salespeople who, within 90-days of participating, were achieving between 146% - 300% of their sales targets.
  • We decreased the turnover rates from 46% to 9% of new starters Vodafone NZ  in just 12 months.
  • We increased the retention of clients at Vodafone by 46% in just four months, after the Retention Team participated in our skills development programme.
  • Retail Franchise group - Flooring Xtra NZ increased their NPS score within the first 6 months of us delivering our customer leadership programme for all of the retail front-line employees
  • After six months of engaging in our Leaders Edge Leadership Coaching Programme,   Regional leaders at SiteSafe, a key contributor to our health and safety industry, increased their capability resulting in a positive and significant culture change and increasing employee engagement.  The change was aided by the use of the DiSC profiling tools for all team members in the Auckland Region.

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