Mindfulness Starts with Self-Awareness


Today we recognize talent as our greatest asset and most valuable resource.It goes without saying. Yet I see examples of behaviour that say differently.A great reminder to stay focused on […]


Business Problem: Inconsistent customer experience at the front-line retail stores. 40%+ employee turnover in a typical 12month period. Little or no accountability of Store Managers to coach/ develops a retail […]

Site Safe

Business Problem: Culture alignment and increased effective collaboration and communication. Team: Customer Services – Front-line team Solution: Extended DiSC Communication Style profiling, 1:1 debrief strengths/challenges coaching of the profile. Team […]


Business Problem: Change in a business model and focus on recruitment brand and attraction, inducting and learning development programmes for all employees. Embed a talent development cycle and pathway as […]

API Consumer Brands

Business Objective: Leadership Development for emerging leaders and leaders of individuals Increase accountability of mid-level leaders across the organisation. Provide a development pathway for employees and identify leadership capability for […]

Why leaders need to stay ahead of the game

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Being ahead of the game encapsulates having a mindset that is ready to address concepts that arise before they reach the table. It’s guaranteed that by the time we decide […]