How emotional fitness enhances relationships as a Leader

The future of leadership from 2020 onward heralds a time where emotional fitness, new mindsets, work ethics and other diverse additions brought to the workforce across every industry, is changing the way leaders lead. It’s becoming clear that leaders can no longer have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in order to get their teams to engage and […]

Why leaders need to stay ahead of the game

Being ahead of the game encapsulates having a mindset that is ready to address concepts that arise before they reach the table. It’s guaranteed that by the time we decide to change jobs and leave a company we’ve been with for several years, the outside world will have advanced its thought processes, systems, products, and […]

Top 5 Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Servant Leadership


“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Servant leaders are those who lead for empowering others, enabling them to develop and is concerned about the improvement of the organization as a whole. They are self-motivated, confident, and at the same time selfless as leaders.   Quick Question  […]

Why Self-Reflection Is Important For Great Leadership?

self-reflective leadership

When we have a higher level of awareness and thoughtfulness, we can witness our own inner dialogue that directly impacts our behaviors.    “Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality” — Warren Bennis Self-reflection can be linked to an internal level of positivity and mindfulness –regular self-reflection has the power to influence our […]

How to improve your sales performance?

Reviewing Sales Performance

That’s what selling is mostly all about. There are many ways to go about growing revenue and/or improving margins. When considering building capability of your sales team through a learning initiative, then here are some key tips to get the best outcomes of your sales learning initiatives, workshops or modular programmes to help grow revenue.

How to succeed as a Leader?

I work with leaders and teams in business and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a need for emerging and existing leaders to master new skills and mindset due to a rapidly increasing change the business world is going through. Technological advancements create disruptions, businesses and corporations are becoming leaner and flatter

10 Inspirational Leadership Lessons

Whether at home or at the workplace or in pursuit of our passion, we all want to become better leaders. But what does it take to get there? What allows great leaders to overcome hardship, build great teams and innovate radical solutions to challenging situations? Often, the best lessons can be learned from history. All great leaders throughout history share common

Secret Weapon for Increasing Employee Engagement

Do you need a secret weapon for increasing employee engagement? Here’s an example of something that happened to me. Not so long ago, I walked into the office of a client and I could instantly feel a low level of energy and morale in the office. The air was thick with uncertainty, change fatigue and […]

Secrets to High Performing Team

A high performing team

Just assembling a group of people together does not make them a high performing team. Generally, positive team experiences are a rarity. If you have been part of a high performing team, you are probably waiting to replicate the same team situation. The way of building a high performing, a predictable team is to understand […]

7 Ideas for successful OTJ training

Often organisations invest huge amounts in training and development and yet fail to show the expected results. Here are 7 tips to successfully deliver OTJ training (On-The-Job training) lead by a leader. These tips will help support your employee learning experience to be more effective and easily transferable.  Situations where on the job learning occurs […]