Creating a Learning Culture in Workplace

A Team learning environment

Transform your leaders and/or managers into effective high performing coaches! Coaching is an integral part of learning culture however traditionally, coaching has been treated as part of the leadership development program. However, there has been a shift towards integrating coaching with talent management processes and making it a foundation for corporate culture. For instance, when […]

Eye-Opening Strategies to Increase Employee Performance

Follow the 5 Laws of Coaching listed below and you’ll recognize that coaching is likely the most effective way to build employee engagement, skills, motivation, performance and profits. While there are other ways to build skills, such as external or internal training, most of them will require a significant level of resources. The resources required […]

What are the Essential Qualities of Leadership?

The essential qualities and characteristics of a high performing leader are simple right? No, they aren’t! Not as simple as we think. But aren’t we all leaders on some level, in life, in our roles, our families, for our teams. It seems that high performing leaders are hard to find on the ground. Having spent […]