Step Change Learning

Building A Highly Collaborative Team Culture – SiteSafe New Zealand. 

1. The problem you wanted to resolve for the team?  Our team were operating in silos, had a culture of blame and working relationships were ineffective. As a team we were unable achieve our goals and provide the best service to our customers.

2. Key initiatives that activated change. All our central team undertook the DISC profiling and had a 1:1 debrief coaching session with Eloise. We implemented ongoing regular development sessions to encourage buy in, participation, trust in the process and self awareness of individual’s styles and the wider team.

3. Three outcomes achieved.  More social, engaged and supportive of each other. Individuals are more self-aware of their own behaviours and how they may affect others.

4. What advise would you give to other leaders looking to increase team engagement, collaboration and high performance?  Find the right consultant who will take the time to understand what your needs are and how to assist you to move forward and create a productive and positive culture in your team. Take the time to understand your working/management style. Take the time to understand your teams working and behavioural styles, resulting in you and your team interacting in an effective way.

“We work as a collective now – going in the same direction, toward the same goals and are able to have fun along the way at work. Using Eloise and the DISC profiling has worked wonders for our team”.