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Communication and Influencing Skills Clinic

Master the essential communication and influencing skills that drives higher performance and greater outcomes

Challenges leaders face today

  • A rapidly changing business environment where teams need to adapt
  • Changing and increasing business and customer demands
  • Drive team performance implementing efficiency strategies and increasing effectiveness in leading teams to achieve KPI’s
  • Having to do more with less

Join Eloise Tzimas, our founder and build a skill and minset that is the foundation of successful leadership for any leader building a network, a team, a organisation function or leading a business.

The Art of Having Effective Conversations

Why is this important?

Its a rapidly changing business environment where teams need to adapt and be agile

Transparency, honesty, trust and collaboration are critical factors to successfully leading your team

Changing and ever increasing customer demands are always front of mind and this requires Leaders to deliver powerful messages to their teams

Central to all messaging is the “why”. Leaders need to master the art of story-telling and effective communication.

Communication and Influencing workshop is designed to give a leader the confidence,right mindset and tools to influence behaviours, culture and results.   Learn how to have high impact,  effective conversations that encourage, inspire, refocus priorities, manage and engage in right behaviours resulting in increased employee engagement and performance.

Custom Made for your organisation

We tailor to include business values, strategic objectives or KPI’s. We blend into the learning cultural messages, experiential activities relevant and focused on team or organisational priorities and needs. 

We deliver to your requirements and business demands. Your leaders will thrive in this program. We offer flexibility in delivery.


2 x 3.5 hour in person or virtual sessions. Inclusive of 90 day coaching and final session for wins and recognition

In person full day workshop and 90 days implementation coaching (led by workshop coach) and final session for wins and recognition.

5 x 1.5 hour virtual sessions or breakfast.   Inclusive of 90 day cohort coaching session and final session for wins and recognition.


report 1

Leaders Toolbox - Emotional Intelligence Report - Leadership Style Report

report 2

Team 360 Feedback reports for leaders [optional]


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Workshop Topics

Learning Outcomes

learning 1

The practical "how to" coaching and communication guide for leaders

learning 5

Increased self awareness of leadership communication and emotional intelligence.

learning 2

Construct a story and key message to demonstrate how to use the power of language to drive effective behaviors.

learning 6

Identify the essential situational leadership styles and employee life cycle to assess communication approach

learning 3

Practical application in a safe space communicating to different styles to achieve positive outcomes.

learning 7

Build story telling skills that influence to engage, inspire and motivate others.

learning 4

Complete a self-rating "Influencing Styles" questionnaire and assess natural style.

learning 8

Construct bio's to understand how to influence for a win:win outcomes. Strengthen through practical application influencing for change and win:win

Content and learning areas

  • Introduction
  • Leadership style and communication style reports.
  • Understands the four communication styles and how to influence for higher engagement and performance
  • The Influence model
  • Communicating without Bias
  • Cover 5 different communication and coaching strategies to achieve positive outcomes with individuals and teams
  • Understand the power of words
  • Extensive Coaching Guide and toolbox
  • Engage in “how to” effective conversations through experiential group activities and conversations
  • Practical experience