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Our Mission:  To build empowered, emotionally intelligent and self-aware leaders through our ACADEMY that enables leaders to grow teams, culture and revenue. 

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Learning and Development Consultancy

Our engagement framework is designed to provide a structured approach to deliver on client project objectives and outcomes.   The framework is shaped by years of extensive experience and proven results across numerous projects with clients from medium sized,  large corporate businesses to government organisations. The framework has three independent segments and can be combined to  deliver an end – to – end service for leadership capability development

Leadership Capability Development and Sales Learning Programmes

We focus our energy and efforts to ensure we cover all key aspects of the process in building bespoke programme for your business or organisation.   Our MODEL provides clear direction and 8 steps that focus on the various activities on the development journey.


All of our customers’ look for long term change, change in culture, performance goals and capability.   We use and apply the PROSCI Change methodology and ADKAR process and tools extensively throughout a programme of work, to support and implement change in a structured and practical way.

What we do with our clients

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Engage with stakeholder and partner to consult on required outcomes and roadmap of change. Discuss longer term plan to support development, identify client needs and requirements and establish an approach over a defined period of time to achieve outcomes.  It is highly recommended that a review to reset or refresh team strategy and tactical plans are also undertaken. Review change plan or strategy

Review capability frameworks, people plans and business  performance goals. Understand current state of learning methodology, formats and delivery.



Analyse and assess current capability, behaviours and skill sets to business performance goals. Construct development and change plan and align team to revised and or new function strategy and performance development pathway.

Align team through an online or F2F event or virtual team alignment sessions

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Leadership Facilitation and Coaching Experts working  closely with your people.   In order to ensure   business KPI’s and objectives are met, all work is measured and reported on.

A leader and their team engages in a development programme.  Or a cohort of leaders engage in a performance development programme.  The programme enables and lifts capability and confidence to execute on tactical plan and achieve organisational performance goals.

We apply a bespoke and tailored framework and learning modules using a full blended learning methodology [70-20-10].  And we will monitor, measure and evaluate outcomes.

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