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Learning and Development Consultancy  for Leadership Development Programmes

As the authority in end-to-end learning and development processes and methodologies, we consult heavily with our clients to ensure their current and future needs are met.

Leadership Capability Development


We focus our energy and efforts to ensure we cover all key aspects of the process in building a bespoke programme for your business or organisation.    Our INFINITY MODEL provides clear direction and 8 steps that focus on the various activities on the development journey.

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What we do for our clients

Discovery and Recommendation

Assess the current working culture and engagement levels of your employees

Analysis of your employees’ learning needs 

Assess and decipher business needs and challenges.

Design & develop an L&D Framework and Plan

Design 12 – 24 month employee development plans which are aligned to business and strategy goals

Design high-level  and blended (the 70:20:10 learning approach - Classroom - online - coaching - workplace implementation) programmes 

Identify the right tools for the. best outcomes, specific to particular needs.

 Deliver on Plan - on Budget  - on Time

Leadership Facilitation and Coaching Experts working  closely with your people.   In order to ensure   business KPI’s and objectives are met, all work is measured and reported on.

 Evaluate outcomes and Results

At StepChange, we excel at boosting the performance of the employees in your business. Our cutting-edge, tailored learning programmes have transformed leadership teams and business results within weeks.

To ensure that we are always ahead-of-the-game and delivering exceptional standards, all of our work is evaluated through the “latest, state of the art” surveys and evaluations tools.

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Our client said....  SiteSafe NZ Ltd - Melissa Pene - National Customer Services Manager

‘Building A Highly Collaborative Team Culture’

What was the  problem you wanted to resolve for your team?   

Our team were operating in silos, had a culture of blame, and the working relationships were ineffective.  As a result, our team was unable to achieve our goals and provide the best service to our customers.

What were the key initiatives that activated change?   

All of our central team undertook the DISC profiling and had a 1:1 debrief coaching session with Eloise. We implemented ongoing regular development sessions to encourage buy-in and participation, and create a sense of trust in the process. This also enabled us to enhance each individual’s self-awareness across the company.

What three outcomes were achieved?

Our team became more sociable, engaged in their roles, and supportive of each other.  Individuals are now more self-aware of their own behaviours and how their choices and actions may affect others.

What advice would you give to other leaders looking to increase team engagement and collaboration?  

First and foremost, find the right consultant who will take the time to understand what your needs are and how to assist you in moving forward. You need to have someone on board who is passionate about helping you create a productive and positive culture in your own team.

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