Our expertise is in constructing a learning and development strategy, designing and delivering effective learning experiences for leaders  and teams.

Learning & Development Programme Partner

StepChange have extensive experience in delivering Learning and Development solutions for businesses that include:

1. L&D Strategy and Development of Capability Frameworks.

2. High Level Design – long term development pathways and programmes.

3. Scoping and recommendation of development initiatives for leaders and team leaders.

4. Programme development, facilitation and sustainable coaching initiatives for cohort groups.

5. Evaluation and sustainability framework.

StepChange is renowned for speed to delivery, innovative and world class designs with a strong proven track record.

StepChange have proven statistics on business revenue growth that has far exceeded client expectations.

Tailored Coaching Skills Workshop for Store and Regional Managers

Design / facilitate development of Coaching Skills programme for Regional Managers and leaders within the Nationwide Vodafone Retail Store network.

Leadership Essentials - For New Leaders

Design high level programme and framework for a fully integrated Leadership Programme focused on the Essential skills, mindset and processes needed being inducted into Vodafone.  Blended approach with workshops, online resources and coaching.

Contact Centre - Leadership for Team Leaders

Design/Facilitation for CC Team Leaders – how to have effective conversations with their teams including coaching, communication, situational leadership approach to employee development.  Self Awareness through MBTI profiling tool.

Team Development Workshops

Using Extended DiSC tools, employee 1:1 coaching debriefs and team development workshops delivered with increased effectiveness of communication, empathy and understanding of each other.

Performance Coaching Development for Consultants

StepChange designed various Coaching Skills Modules for Starfish Consultants contracted out to various client sites and projects.    Contract consultants working with or leading teams were able to coach for results and outcomes.

Contact Centre - Leadership for Team Leaders

Scoped and developed leadership capability within the business for succession planning.  Engaged mid-level managers in a 6month Leadership Programme
focused on Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Results.

Consulting, Facilitation and Learning Design

Scoped to design a talent development employee cycle. And delivery of a Managers Development Programme including DiSC tools, Self Leadership through heighten awareness, communication skills and how to lead teams. Plus Learning and Development project for the design/build of an 90 Day fast-track induction programme for new employees.

Manager Development Programme

McDonalds Managers Academy – Management Essentials – Facilitation of modules for Managers developing Communication Skills, Time Management and relationship skills.


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