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New and Emerging Leaders Masterclass

Discover the Inner Authentic Leader Within

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Audience: This Masterclass is designed for emerging and new leaders.

Today, being an authentic leader is essential if you want to build high engagement, performance and passion within the individuals and teams you lead.

The first step to becoming an authentic leader is through understanding your identity and strengths as a leader. This one full day immersion masterclass is part of our Leadership Series, and will take you on a journey of discovery.

Each Segment is given sufficient time to deep dive for your transformation journey.

Our Leadership Series introduces the NEW Discover your Authentic Leader masterclass.  This will take you on a transformational journey like no other.

  • Learn to master the art of leadership
  • Discover the purpose of Leadership and what this means to you
  • Realise how you can inspire the right behaviours of your team by knowing your innate strengths as a leader
  • Hone your focus to do justice to all of your goals and visions
  • Understand the pulse of your innate leadership rhythm
  • Design your own leadership compass to navigate with
  • Discover the essential traits of high performing leaders operating in a changing world

Masterclass Outline

What is Leadership? We’ll define the purpose!   Design your own leadership compass that helps you navigate through challenges and wins.

Learn what your personal behaviour patterns are that underpin your leadership behaviours and instincts and how to inspire a team to execute on your plan

Uncover the values and beliefs that drive your general behaviour and learn how to adapt to be an Authentic and inspiration leader

Learn your leadership and communication style, whilst you identify your assumptions and beliefs that underpin your success.

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Pre-Masterclass activity

  • Complete an online questionnaire to identify your Leadership and Communication Style


  • Includes a One on one coaching debrief - Your results of Leadership Style and Behaviours profile results


RECEIVE 90 Days of one to one coaching post masterclass - FREE

Client Testimonial

I attended a leader training workshop that was facilitated by Eloise Tzimas. I found it to be a highly valuable course as it provided a structure to improve my own skills as a coach and mentor and leader. I found that Eloise was exceptional at providing excellent feedback I could use to improve in all areas. The result of the course was that my financial results have improved significantly and I highly recommend Leaders training to anybody who wants to improve their results and for their own personal development.

Regards, Geoff Edwards  |  Regional Manager North West, 

A member of the Fletcher Building Group

One Day Masterclass that we deliver in-house to our clients or at our in demand public masterclass.   For companies we work with we tailor the content to include values and leadership competencies aligned to your company.


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