What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching raises performance in individuals, teams and organizations. We offer group performance coaching and Coach training for Leaders for people in organizations to help them fulfil their potential so that they, in turn, will improve your company’s performance while also flourishing in their role.

Through our work of performance coaching, we help you engage not only people’s minds, but also their hearts, which creates sustainable improvement and growth for your organization.

To improve performance we must stretch. One of the difficulties of stretching ourselves is that we tend to see our limitations not our potential. We are a lot less excited about our own potential than someone who sees us with a new perspective.

A coach sees our potential not our limitations.

We tend to set goals our mind can easily picture- staying within the bounds of what we are capable of achieving- we don’t stretch ourselves. Understanding these phases and being coached and supported through this phase is vital, in the process of establishing new ways of performing.  This is your opportunity to become a High Performer and achieve the results and outcomes you dream of.


High Performance Group Coaching

$695pm 6montths
  • Maximum Group of 10
  • 3 hour Workshop - Foundation and Frameup Session
  • Weekly 30min Group Learning Bites
  • Access to a Vault of Resources
  • Success Blueprint Map
  • Achiever Journal
  • Personalised Behavioural Style Profile - 1on1 Debrief Session
  • Monthly Group Live Coaching Sessions - Full Session

What our customers are saying...

Performance coaching for business growth
The Coaching programme refocused me to get
back to basics and create momentum,
whilst providing knowledge in respect of
fundamental basics with content in scripts
and I achieved the results I wanted. Highly
recommend this programme. Eleanora,
Bayleys Real Estate

Business Growth Strategy and Planning  - Performance Coaching

“A year ago I had struck a brick wall in my business. The programme helped me set clear long term goals and priorities and have achieved many of my longer term goals in a shorter time than I would have thought possible. The programme gave me clarity and focus into my planning, and kept me on target. Liz Koh - Certified Financial Planner.

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