Step Change Learning

Leadership accelerator program

Fast track success and achievement as a leader through the leadership development programme that is modular and has a strong coaching element for the leaders.

A successful team is a team that is aligned to….  a strong vision, purpose and values. 

A successful team is a team that feels empowered, inspired and stretched to become their BEST SELVES in their role.

A successful leader is an individual who identifies as a leader and has high self awareness levels. He or she recognises the importance of their role to align, influence, empower, emotionally engage, and inspire their team to be their BEST in a safe environment … is critical to their success. This is called Intentional Leadership..

The first dimension...

Vision and values 

Vision always comes first. Always. If you have a clear line of sight...  and purpose aligned to team vision, you will design the right strategy and tactical plan to achieve your vision.  If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.

The second dimension..

Intentional Leadership

A Leader requires the skills, acumen and confidence to influence and encourage their team to achieve individual and team targets, align and be excited about the strategy and vision. Being an Intentional Leaders requires a healthy mindset and mastered skill set.

The third dimension..

An executable tactical plan

In an executable tactical plan, actions are driven by priorities. A tactical plan must be designed to help the team navigate challenges, obstacles and uncertainty in the new world of working. Clarity and focus is key to achieving outcomes.  

Workshop 1: Vision and Strategy

  • Leadership Mindset
  • Complete your own Leadership Success Model
  • Complete your Values and Behaviours Foundation
  • Create your ultimate Vision, purpose
  • Identify your big rocks
  • Clarity of Operational Behaviours and team climate

Workshop 2 and 3: Intentional Leadership Skills

  • Defining the purpose of Leadership – What is Leadership
  • Understand behaviour drivers and motivators
  • Identifying your Assumptions and Beliefs as a Leader
  • The “how to” of engaging, empowering and inspiring teams.
  • Communicating with Impact, Coaching, mentoring, feedback
  • Employee lifecycle and how to engage at different employee phases.

Workshop 4: Design a Strategic and Tactical Plan

  • Creating your Blueprint – Strategic and tactical Plan Mapping
  • Set Priority actions, accountabilities and milestones
  • Goal setting, rocks, pebbles and sand
  • Planning and positioning

Leadership Coaching

  • Group and community groups coaching session
  • One on One session available

The programme has a strong coaching element and can be tailored to your current business and people time demands.