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Leadership Behaviours & Style Profile reports

Leadership Behaviours Profile Reports combine a number of concepts in contemporary leadership theory with a focus on their practical application.

These  assert that leadership is:

  • Transformational & visionary
  • Transformational, aligning to human connection
  • Transactional and contingent

We offer a number of profiling tools through our accreditation as certified partners to:

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool
  • EVERYTHING DiSC Behavioural assessment profile tools
  • Ext DISC – Classic natural and workplace behavioural assessment profile tools
  • GENOS Emotional Intelligence competencies profiling tools [self rating, 180 and 360 degree feedback]
  • TMS – Leadership Competencies profile – 180 – 360Degree

We evaluate the level of emotional and competency maturity within the organisation, based on the Organisational Learning Maturity Model. 

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[using profiling tools]

  • Team Workshops:  One day or 1/2 day, virtual or 1:1. Strengthen team culture through understanding communication style preferences, build deeper connections, increase performance and results.

  • Team Culture Reports

  • Individual Personalised Debrief Sessions


Profiles used to provide direction

The Leadership basket of profiles provide any leader or team of leaders:

  • Profile reports that are fit for purpose based on needs of the leader.
  • A fully automated online system that makes the process user friendly.
  • All reports have universal application across different industry sectors and levels of leadership groups.
  • Broad applications for wide ranging types of interventions.
  • Proven research, backed by detailed data and scientific research to validate and verify results and outcomes.


Our Leadership coaching programme kick starts with increasing self-awareness of style and EQ.  All design to strengthen leadership skills and acumen in the form of coaching.


Culture Profiling Tool

Work of leaders

Management Styles

Workplace Employee Style

Emotional Intelligence

180 & 360 Degree Feedback


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