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Leaders Psychometric Assessments – Toolbox


The Leadership Behaviours Model

Combines a number of concepts of contemporary leadership theory with a focus on their practical application.

These theories include leadership that is: authentic & values centred; transformational & visionairy; transactional and contingent. The various aspects of leadership are combined into eight behavioural groups.

We are advocates of the Team Management Services Leadership Behaviours Model.

Results on eight factors of leadership effectiveness are presented, plus the subject’s level of accomplishment in emotional intelligence.

The results derive from compiling questionnaire responses from appropriately selected work colleagues. These are graphed into stakeholder group comparisons and presented alongside written feedback about the subject’s successes, strengths, training and development needs and, suggestions for improvement. A commentary is provided throughout the profile in the form of coaching advice.

Simple, proven, research-based tools to align and accelerate your team.

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The LBP has:

  • a fully automated portal system that makes the process friendly
  • universal application across different industry sectors and management groups
  • broad applications for wide ranging types of interventions
  • current norms across almost 10,000 leaders with more than 55,000 "other" rater inputs
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The Pulse Report for the LBP (6 months accountability check)

The Pulse Report for the LBP represents a snapshot of progress along an individual's leadership development journey six months beyond the original LBP 360 event.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment -  Self Assessment - 180 and 360 Assessments. Leadership Preference Style - Thinking and Behavioural Styles.  For Emerging, New and Exsiting Leadership Behaviours, 360 Assessments

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