Leadership Coaching - MASTERY Coaching Program I StepChange

MASTERY Coaching Program for Leaders

For Aspiring and Existing Leaders

  • Focus on priorities
  • Lift leaders' performance
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • How to lead their team to thrive and excel
  • Collaborate for higher thinking

Leadership Coach

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As 6 or 12month program that propels you to find your leaders edge

Everyone in business is looking for a smarter, faster and easier ways to produce outstanding results.

As a Leader there are moments that you experience confusion, frustration, distractions and desires, without any change.

MASTERY provides the platform to activate that change, effectively, consistently and sustainably.

We will design, build and stretch you to achieve clarity and then build on that to strengthen your confidence, set priorities that gets you focused on your direction and growth in your professional and life leadership zones.

We will together get you the results you want.

Platinum Programme

  • Monthly Personalised Coaching 1:1
  • 6 x Fortnightly Check Point Call (30mins)
  • 6 x Monthly cohort coaching (Webinar based)
  • Membership to our online network
  • Leadership Style Report
  • Communication Style Report
  • Leadership Learning Pack
  • Full Access to our Building Leadership Mastery online tools(resources, templates, tools)
  • Action and Implementaion Plan
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Gold Programme

  • Monthly Personalised Coaching 1:1
  • 6 x Monthly cohort coaching (Webinar based)
  • Membership to our online network
  • Leadership Style Report
  • Leadership Learning Pack

Silver Programme

  • Monthly Personalised Coaching 1:1
  • Membership to our online network
  • Leadership Style Report


The system and process is designed to ensure your intentions turn into actions


Your Coach is your own confidential sounding board whose primary goal is to bring out the very best in you as a Leader


Through the coaching, you’ll be guided towards a new level of leadership development, taking you to the edge of leadership for the 21nd Century. You’ll develop leading edge thinking, laser focus and master your skills for both self-leadership and the leadership of your team.


Accelerate your success, fast-tracks changes, you’ll hear, feel and see the difference show up in sustainable way, that is transformational and leads to you higher levels of leadership ability and performance.


6 Step System that gets results, receive a comprehensive toolbox with tools, templates, and coaching journal.


Leaders Edge Journey Journal 5 Step Change Model to Success

Coaching elements

Coaching sessions

are scheduled on a monthly basis with a check point of 30min call each other fortnight.

Goals and Outcomes

are identified at a 90min Foundation Session.

A Performance Agreement

is signed with programme outcomes

Inspired Leadership

is signed with programme outcomes

Contact us today to book your FREE Strategy Session valued @ $250.00

During the Strategy Session Call, we’ll identify and score your top priority areas for more clarity, go through a leader priority checklist and the 3 major steps you’ll need to take to become a great leader.


Leaders COHORT Coaching and mentoring hub

The learning hub provides the opportunity to continuously improve a leader’s performance, while also flourishing in their role, networking and buddying with peers.

Throughout the hub, the cohort engages in:

  • Ongoing learning
  • Additional tools and models
  • Implementation accountability checks
  • In sharing wins, challenges and learnings
  • Raise challenges for peer to peer coaching and support
  • Accountability for on-going implementation
  • Set new milestones
  • Delivered by Webinar and/or f2f sessions

This learning hub provides the opportunity to continuously improve a leader's performance while also flourishing in their role.

To stretch and grow performance we must be challenged. One of the difficulties of stretching ourselves is that we tend to see our limitations not our potential.

"We are a lot less excited about our own potential than someone who sees us with a new perspective".

Understanding the importance of the learning is vital in the process of establishing new ways of operating.

One on One Coaching

"I found that Eloise was exceptional at providing excellent feedback I could use to improve in all areas. The result of the course was that my financial results have improved significantly and I highly recommend this training to anybody who wants to improve their results and for their own personal development."

-- Geoff Edwards

Regional Manager North West - Australia

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

"Eloise’s leadership coaching encouraged me to think beyond today’s issues and focus on what I wanted to achieve in my role and structure a plan; giving me the energy, drive and passion, to manage my current situation. The different perspective provided a sense of calmness and empowerment. Eloise’s passion and vigor challenged and stretched me personally and professionally, which really moved my self-awareness and belief in my own abilities. Her supportive nature and ability to hear me provided an environment of trust for open honest sessions."

-- Coral McLennan

(Ex) National Sales Manager / Wellington, Team Talk

Group Coaching and Facilitation

"Thanks for being my coach. I can genuinely say from the start of the programme in October last year until my successful completion in May you were available to answer any questions I had. You made learning fun and are a great leadership coach Id have no problem recommending you to any of my colleagues should the opportunity arise. Thanks and take care."

-- Daren Robinson

Regional Manager - Australia

Leadership Learning Lab Hubs

Your Mastery Pack is provided you own PLAY BOOK including all the planning tools, templates, everything you need to get your results. You’ll also complete some on-line profiling assessments to provide insights and increased self-awareness such as:

  • 8 Essential traits of a Great Leader
  • online assessment
  • Personality and Leadership Style Report
  • Free Additional Profiling tools and bonuses
  • Communication Style report
  • Fortnightly 30min Checkpoint Calls
  • And much much more