Step Change Learning

For Aspiring and Existing Leaders

Leadership Coaching Programme

It's time to level up

Accelerate your leadership

What leaders will take away from the programme:

As 6 or 12 month programme that propels you to

find your leaders edge

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Everyone in business is looking for a smarter, faster and easier ways to produce outstanding results.

As a leader there are moments that you experience confusion, frustration, distractions and desires, without any change.

This programme provides the platform to activate that change, effectively, consistently and sustainably.

We will design, build and stretch you to achieve clarity and then build on that to strengthen your confidence, set priorities that gets you focused on your direction and growth in your professional and life leadership zones.

We will together get you the results you want.

"leadership is an action, not a position.”

Donald McGannon

What To Expect

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plan of action

Coaching Elements

The demand for coaching is greater than ever in these volatile times. Only a small slice of what employees need for their mental wellness exists in many workplaces, so outsourcing coaching is an effective solution in contributing to overall culture health in an organisation. Our expert perspective means we ensure an individual receives the guidance they personally require to succeed and in turn contribute to the wider success of their workplace.

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Coaching sessions

Are scheduled on a monthly basis with a 30min call fortnightly.

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Goals and Outcomes

Are identified at a 90min Foundation Session.

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A Performance Agreement

Is signed with programme outcomes

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