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This Masterclass is designed for new and existing leaders who lead teams or projects

A session of discovery connecting to your Authentic Leader Within

Today, being an authentic leader is essential if you want to build high engagement, performance and passion within the individuals and teams you lead.

The first step to becoming an authentic leader is through understanding your identity and strengths as a leader. This one full day immersion masterclass is part of our Leadership Series, and will take you on a journey of discovery.

Each Segment is given sufficient time to deep dive into understanding yourself more deeply, providing insights and context on your approach to leading.

This will take you on a transformational journey like no other.

Masterclass Outline

  1. What is Leadership? We’ll define the purpose!   Design your own leadership compass that helps you navigate through challenges and wins.
  2.  Learn what your personal behaviour patterns are that underpin your leadership behaviours and instincts and how to inspire a team to execute on your plan.
  3. You'll complete a series of online psychometric assessment tools that support your to understand yourself at a much deeper level.

You'll receive:

  1. Your leadership and communication style report
  2. You'll understand your level of Emotional Intelligence
  3. Your assumptions and beliefs that underpin your success
  4. You'll identify your own Leadership Philosophy that drives your behaviours and engagement with your team
  5. You'll receive a private  One on one coaching debrief that reveals and makes sense of your results of your assessments.

Your Psychometric Tool Box

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Pre-Masterclass activity

  • Complete an online questionnaire

Optional.  You may decide to also engage in your own Leadership Coaching Journey for 180 days.....  we offer all leaders our Signature MASTERY Coaching Program for leaders.

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