Leading team with Purpose I StepChange Leadership Development

For Existing Leaders who want to step

up and embrace the next level of leadership

Our Signature Programme for Leaders

Three Dimensions To Your Leadership Success

You need to be focused your strategy and executing successfully.  This is a great workshop that is the launch pad to the new financial year for your business.   Having a vision puts the ‘why’ into your team, giving them a strong sense of purpose and enabling them to act deliberately and passionately.   The success of a team is rooted in a strong, clear vision.

A modular, non-linear programme filled with coaching elements for leaders, you'll create: a clear line of sight to your vision, fast-track your success and achievements, and execute an effective plan that will navigate your team to reach extraordinary outcomes within any given time frame.

This program has three dimensions, has a strong coaching element and can be tailored to your current business and people needs

CLARITY OF VISION AND PURPOSE Clarity of vision, strategy, direction and purpose are at the foundation of strong leadership. In today’s interconnected world, teams seek meaning, relevance and purpose in their roles, so leaders must envisage specific outcomes to achieve this.
LEADERSHIP Intentional Leadership is both a mindset and skillset, and it sits at the heart of this powerful programme. Leaders require the skills, acumen and confidence to influence and encourage their teams to achieve great things, aligning everything they do with the overall vision.
PRIORITIES AND ACTION Creating time-bound, realistic, tactical plans and actions are the ways in which you will develop and execute your strategy and overall vision.  Based on prioritisation, this process will assist leaders and their teams to navigate and achieve great outcomes.

V I P Programme

Learning Outcomes

  • Achieve clarity and focus, creating a strategic plan that is ready to implement
  • Develop strength in the Essential Leadership Skills
  • Gain an increased awareness of individual leadership  values, qualities and attributes
  • Design a tactical plan with three pillars of actions and accountability for your team, aligned to your strategic plan
  • List the four streams of activity that underpin actualising your vision as a leader
  • Understand the top seven habits of effective leaders
  • Implement a time plan for milestone reviews
  • Gain clarity in a ‘winning business rhythm’ that work

Flexible delivery

  • 3 modules over 3months
  • One day Intensive workshops
  • Coaching Sessions inbetween

The Journey

Module 1: Vision and Strategy Segments

1. Clarify your strategic plan with your team and set clear business / team objectives

2. Keys to Leading Change through ADKAR that drives the team and others to execute on the strategy

3. Identify the essential success FACTORS. The MUSTS that underpin the success of achieving strategic vision and outcomes

4. How the team will operate. What are the guiding principles and values that drive collaboration, alignment and the desired winning behaviour

Module 2: Intentional and Authentic Leadership Segments

1. Defining the purpose of your Leadership and finding your reason, your WHY. Exploring what Authentic Leadership means

2. Learn the essential Influencing skills and how to inspire behaviours that drive team engagement to execute your strategy

3. Discover your Leadership and Communication Style strengths.  Leading by your authentic self and strengths

4. Review the 8 Top Essential Traits of high performing Leaders and identify your areas of focus to increase your energy and performance

5. Design and complete your own Leadership Compass;  clarity of your values, strengths, assumptions and beliefs.

Module 3: Creating the Execution and tactial plan

Create your Tactical Blueprint out of your strategy and map activity, KPI's, milestones and measurable outcomes

Set your priority actions and SMART ER Goal for individuals and the team

Design and sign-off the individuals and teams first 90-day action plan

Implementation Coaching - 8 Cohort  Sessions
Eight coaching sessions throughout the Learning Journey to sustain implementation, new habits and achievement of strategic or team objectives (based on duration of programme delivery).