How to succeed as a Leader?

I work with leaders and teams in business and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a need for emerging and existing leaders to master new skills and mindset due to a rapidly increasing change the business world is going through. Technological advancements create disruptions, businesses and corporations are becoming leaner and flatter

Secrets to High Performing Team

A high performing team

Just assembling a group of people together does not make them a high performing team. Generally, positive team experiences are a rarity. If you have been part of a high performing team, you are probably waiting to replicate the same team situation. The way of building a high performing, a predictable team is to understand […]

7 Ideas for successful OTJ training

Often organisations invest huge amounts in training and development and yet fail to show the expected results. Here are 7 tips to successfully deliver OTJ training (On-The-Job training) lead by a leader. These tips will help support your employee learning experience to be more effective and easily transferable. ¬†Situations where on the job learning occurs […]

Creating a Learning Culture in Workplace

A Team learning environment

Transform your leaders and/or managers into effective high performing coaches! Coaching is an integral part of learning culture however traditionally, coaching has been treated as part of the leadership development program. However, there has been a shift towards integrating coaching with talent management processes and making it a foundation for corporate culture. For instance, when […]